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What we do: Collaborating with publishers and community to fight misinformation

We improve the quality of media together with their pool of knowledgeable readers, viewers and listeners. We have built a transparent system for actionable suggestions and specific remarks from our community pool of experts and critical thinkers.

NU.nl and AD.nl, two of the “Big Four” largest Dutch online news platforms, are our co-development partner and client. The system of MMGA is continuously tested with a screened and trained group of critical readers (‘annotators’) who offer constructive suggestions to increase the journalistic quality via balanced use of sources and clearer transfer of information.

Why we do it: improve the credibility of media and strengthen the bond with their audience

The credibility of the media is being questioned more and more, whereas the media are the first parties to protect us from mis- and disinformation. This fundamental role of media is essential to enable proper functioning of democracy and constructive social debate, thus fortify social cohesion.

How we do it: Improving the quality of media through annotations

We believe people have unique, diverse views and also relevant knowledge that helps the editorial process and quality.

With our digital tools people are able to detect misinformation, biased language and false contextualisation. MMGA introduces the notion of “annotations” in online journalism, initially in The Netherlands and subsequently worldwide. MMGA annotations are suggestions directly attributed to sentences or paragraphs. They are actionable for the editor, avoid debate based on personal preferences and, if correct, directly trigger a correction within articles.

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